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incident. nine cents and i never even existed. us secretary of state john kerry heads to kiev. robin hanson. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu readies his speech to the biggest pro israel lobby in washington monday let me tell drop the bomb i think that the compromise stance. and a cheery as a president officially declares he'll seek a controversial full term. the guy makes a rare appearance in order to file. watching the sunset johnny asked me to. first a supposed deadline from russia for ukrainian forces to surrender has come and gone without incident. but thousands of russian troops are still in place in a mainly russian speaking region of many a ukrainian military leaders say russia's black sea fleet commander gave them a deadline of three am to surrender or face attack a deadline that was officially denied to brush up on her fairy has been the ukrainian it though that's in the slavic to july's morton's the boston harbor. ukrainian that our cca for russian ships ever finishing isn't one other boat from leaving. or did it to surrender. crews say they have no intention of phishin
. incredible acts of aggression the lead to the us at that stage on kerry is warning russia of serious repercussions for the cut in ukraine. promising severe punishments the chinese authorities blamed separatist the size of a stabbing attack in a railway station in the city of corn maze which claimed twenty nine bucks what's the fuss by cutting his room i'm told but this was supposed to join us. mr ukraine has the sum they begin mobilizing for war costs up to the russian president died in a tree to the candy he had the right to debate the country. russian forces have already seized the crimean peninsula which is into its black sea fleet it's estimated there are some one hundred and fifty thousand russian troops along the border with ukraine ukraine's prime minister asked me yesterday who took power when the two yanukovich but last week called russia's actions of declaration of war what will strike at saddam sent eia takes a look back now and today's main events nineteen terrorists turned off on the second day in his job. the head of ukraine's meaty surrendered his head coaches. due to
of state john kerry is set to sit down with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. mr rann said the eu could impose sanctions on russia. ukraine gary and that right leaning on the sidelines at today's board meeting from that the un and the rest. helping the country better managed security and the growing number of refugees with him the annual congress in china gets underway. transform the world's second largest economy with steady growth and twelve percent increase defense spending the headlines read this and i kept expecting us to be intense. when ukraine at more than one thousand demonstrators waved to ukrainian flags in the eastern city of donetsk that was the first time a pro ukrainian crowd outnumbered pro russian protesters who it seems the government the green man. russian forces have been in the eastern command region for almost a week now. and speaking at his first press conference is the crisis began the russian president but in truth and said russia reserve the right to use all options to protect its compatriots who were living in quotes terror in ukraine that force was not
the then secretary of state john kerry born in russia dmitry operations in ukraine ukraine's list. and just to update you some news coming in on the news wires to its relation to the deposed president viktor yanukovich he has insisted that he still considers himself the president of ukraine and he's also asked russia to guarantee his personal safety from actions of extremists the tree and a . ukraine's parliament is convening a kid to approve a new pro western government as the country faces its second major crisis one of the imminent bankruptcy. the new cabinets with intent before the crash of twenty five hasn't the media independence square late on wednesday. the core message was clear it's going to be a hard road ahead for ukraine to bring instances reports the singing the national anthem mountains camping see its independence plan i need is on the night and council tip to them like painting it and announce the date chosen as many states to the interim governments. this latest documents will have to postpone the decision. these will be that this is a traditional ukrainian economy this is the reaso
and promised full support to ukraine's new interim prime minister. his clique john kerry was busy seeking assurances from russia's foreign ministry. i ask specifically. the dr show work with the united states and with our friends and allies in order to support ukraine. to rebuild unity security at a healthy economy there we also discussed the very tense situation in crimea. we thrust him into teams scrambling for it to justin would ring snap new trade rules the us is confident the russian president holds all the cards to make noise. ukraine's new authorities difficult foreign minister sergei not proclaimed however the minute she exercises were unrelated to the ongoing political transition toward foreign powers against taking decisions on takeoff of kiev in the lungs and ukraine's european allies were keen to make clear that they too were moment ringed russia's apparent saber rattling. will she be concerned by the situation in crimea every country should respect the territorial integrity of its overt it'll be great russia has made a commitment and support of russia keeps it well. lol will
to gradually stepping up their response to. russia is sending armed men in ukraine us sick just a john kerry says moscow could be excluded from the g eight group a suspended preparations ahead of the sun the kids a place in russia in june. washington not only economic sanctions be your preferred political mediation and corners meet in brussels today to get a response to the crisis the longest run on georgian bay are in or out washington and brussels on the same page when it comes to sanctions and how to respond to this was the key difference and tired today is that because the us is using very harsh language. talking about possible sanctions. but has actually met them yet the noises were getting from brussels ahead of this. eu foreign ministers meeting is that the eu is new york's heading toward sanctions that wants to keep lines of communication open with russia and over the past do with the german position gemini is very cautious and as we heard from our correspondent in berlin germany. he sees the g eight as a key forum in which to keep that line of communication open with russia and the
on the telephone the british prime minister and the german chancellor the us secretary of state john kerry has also been speaking with his counterpart from russia said the law for all. while we were told. they are not engaging in any the violation of the sovereignty and do not intend to i nevertheless the made it clear that that could be misinterpreted that this moment and that there are enough tensions that it is important for everybody to be extremely careful not to inflame the situation and not send the wrong messages meanwhile inside of russian twenty four hours and she reappeared. ukraine's ousted president staging a full blown press conference. he shrugged off his arrest warrant against him. richter yanukovich instead calling for he called a referendum before it's too late. ousted from power i am forced to flee and wanted the mass mad at her thinking that it makes sense since he is still didn't get to the president of ukraine. the new su no power in ukraine has been seized by nationalists in stitches. fascist forces the street which represents an absolute minority. the new transport you to re
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7